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Thread: Ens (Bartlett's Real Alchemy)

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    Dec 2020

    Ens (Bartlett's Real Alchemy)


    Wanted to try posting more in here and im reading so it looks so cool i have my book right here on the left and the forum on the right.

    I feel like im connected to you guys really closely this way

    anyhow I wasn't to sure if I should've posted this in the alchemical texts section but i hope this is fine.

    In his book Real alchemy he uses a quote from paracelsus

    "their are 5 powers which form disease in man known as the ens or entia(plural)

    they are spiritual but interact with physical causes."

    So my question is did he mean things such as archons, demons entities in a way??? I heard and im sure it was just fictional stories to help the writing but on certain shows where they used different name and myths. they used paracelsus and said he had a familiar in his sword beelzebub.

    I also see in the book it mentioned astrology as apart of the work and how we must be connected to planetary hours and how the planets exert waste or chaotic subtle energies as they produce life which me must transmute.

    So i see these spirits as that in a way but i am still learning and reading of course so just wanted to share my thoughts and hope to hear more.

    Also when summoning spirits they are called enns like the chant or mantra right? So does all this tie in some how?

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    Nwakuche Guest
    Bro or sis. If you really want to know the truth about reality and clear answer to most of your question. I recommend that you read as a matter of urgency all the books by esortician laurency at . I promise you, you will not regret it.

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    Dec 2020
    thank you and im a weelad lol although I thought it might be interesting if someone not me but maybe me it might be me identified as a female in a male body but was a lesbian so that person not saying me would be a natural stud

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