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Thread: Downloading information from meditation and symbols Atum/Adam/Atom

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    Downloading information from meditation and symbols Atum/Adam/Atom

    Hello! I have been reading the alchemy study book and I have been awakening myself i think its really frustrating because i dont understand whats going on all the way and im trying to continue reading, but i keep getting new ideas.

    So as i tried to circulate my light thoughts in my head were coming to me and they were saying notice how in the book atum the egyptian god sounds like adam=atom who is thoths=thoughts father in abraham religions.

    I noticed how the circulation or the light that i am circulating with seems to be of the essence of my eternal flame or something right? and so when i generate a thought and focus my awareness on feeling a part of my body or moving that light it is actually an atom so to speak???

    Also the etymology of words has been causing me to awaken in slight ways or to ponder deeper on things. Its very cool but I feel i am diving to deep into it because i am trying to escape reading and id rather find a way to just download information through meditation and in the astral planes.

    which is cool to cause from an evolutionary basis we as humans are wasting our time by re+adding stored memories we already know how to do deep down so is it that if we did do that or "sell your soul" to learn all the arts just by being in tune with nature would it cause a backlash or is it safe so long as we know what we are doing?

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    There is a common thread in many alchemical works about perceiving Nature in order to gain an understanding of alchemy. They either call it the Light of Nature or the Soul of the World, or something similar, but the end goal is to have direct experience of Nature, who becomes the only teacher. At this point books are nice but not really relevant anymore.

    The analytical thought processes of the brain are just one mode of perception, but thinking is not feeling. It’s from our hearts that we feel, and this mode of perception can actually transmit a variety of electromagnetic information between us and the world. A great book on the subject is “The Secret Teachings of Plants” by Buhner. Definitely worth the read, as he goes much more in depth on the theory and practice of heart-perception. There’s an audiobook version of it as well if you’re into that sort of thing.
    Art is Nature in the flask; Nature is a vial thing.

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    There is indeed much to be learned from our inner self and from the observation of nature.

    There is also much of value to be gained from reading good books.

    Personally, I would not have been able to gather my present knowledge about the occult sciences without studying some of the latter during the last three decades.

    And I am talking about the exploration of sciences, which is different from pure mystical experience.

    The contemplation of (including reading about) universal symbolism is key in my view. But it must be put in context with particular tidbits of knowledge when it comes to practical matters. Such as lab alchemy, if your goal is accomplishing the Great Work.

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