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Thread: Did you have a negative effect when consuming Ormus?

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    Did you have a negative effect when consuming Ormus?

    Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone here had a negative effect when consuming ormus. For me it was a great journey when discovering the stuff and I've recently came across that one of my friends who consumed white powered gold and liquid version of ormus had a negative effect and for as long as I've known about the stuff I've only seen one other person to have a negative effect. It's been picking my brain why did she had a bad effect was it the supplier she was saying no because she got it from two different sources. So I'm wondering what caused it and wondering if anyone else here has had a bad experience with ormus if so what happened and where did you buy it from. If you take the poll below and select if you've ever had a bad experience then I can get a rough idea on the statics on how many people have had a bad experience when consuming the stuff and maybe we can narrow down the main cause for people having a bad experience when taking it as I've only had positive benefits and i'm sure many people would feel the same way.

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    If you use supermarket lye (drain cleaner) to make the ormus, you'll get mercury contaminants in the end product.
    The symptoms of start off as ringing in the ears, then a desire to withdraw from all social interactions, later kidney and liver damage, and eventually death.

    Sadly, there's an ormus process still up on the internet today saying to use drain cleaning lye. So it's possible there could be some ormus precipitate for sale which is laced with mercury. I always think it's best to make your own, it's the only way you can guarantee safety.

    I've said it many times already, but this can never be said too many times:

    Also, ormus precipitate made using food grade stuff will probably be bland and unremarkable.
    Only one caveat.....if the water used for the washing process has HIM in it, that'll give a substance with those magical properties we've all heard about.

    It's definately worth making a list of which suppliers to use or avoid, but unfortunately I can't contribute there.
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