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Thread: George Merkl patent

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    George Merkl patent

    greetings. i happened on this while studying some George Merkl. if i understand it correctly, it's a very easy method to dissolve any metal. one adds any non-alkali metal to liquid ammonia and then gradually adds an alkali metal like sodium hydroxide. as the patent claims, the easy to erode alkali metal makes difficult to erode metals (like gold) erode. there's an endothermic stage and an exothermic stage. and monomeric and polymeric. i don't know if that relates to monatomic or not. while this may not be alchemy proper, one can certainly use it in making tinctures or ormus. the application of the principle may also give insight into alchemical preparations which revolve around nitrogen, ammonia, amines, urine work, etc.

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    Thank you for sharing Solomon Levi

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    This might make fulminating gold which is highly explosive. Same with mercury.

    It's extremely potent, a kilo of this stuff can take down a skyscraper.
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