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Thread: Alchemy, The Holy Science

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    Quote Originally Posted by True Initiate View Post
    Jimmy sorry for the late reply but i tend to take long breaks between my posts on this forum because alchemy is a lonely science where you need to travel alone with your own understanding which often differs from others so i kinda have nothing to say to people who work with urine, acetates even cinnabar although i love the last path purely out of curiosity.

    If you ever cross a real meteorite which in your region is much more probable than here in Europe just poke him with glowing hot iron pointed North beforehand in order to magnetize it before piercing the meteorite.

    If the blood and water sprang out of the wound were you pierced the rock then the matter is clearly our true matter but if blood and water doesn't flow from the rock i will reject the meteorites as the first matter.
    thanks for your reply True Initiate even though honestly I do not totally understand it.

    I just read something interesting regarding an alchemist shielding themselves from the influence of other minds upon their own efforts of precipitation. The necessity to be alone with ones source of being seems very important to success. I love the forums for the interplay of consciousness but yes time away is more than useful to settle out the contents of all our thoughts.

    Can you expand on your post a little bit? What is the significance to the glowing hot iron pointed North? I know that you can magnetize iron by heating it red hot, pointing it north and striking it with a hammer. I would expect a different type of attunement will occur if striking a philosophical subject.. care to expand??

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    I was implying that you need to magnetize your hot iron rod first before you stab the meteorite with it. You are not striking meteorite with a hammer only the rod and then you stab the meteorite. Meteorite carries certain spirit which is adverse to natural magnetism of this Earth. Iron from meteorite carries another type of energy which is not from this earth but heavenly magnetism, if that makes some sense.
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    I need to try that with my meteorites interesting

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