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Thread: Sorcery For Immortality And Transmutation Of Metals

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    Sorcery For Immortality And Transmutation Of Metals

    What does everyone think of Sorcery and Magick and using that for Transmutation of metals and the ability of living forever.
    Sorcery has always been an interest of mine mostly because the amount of effort and discipline once self has to work on to master the art of Sorcery. As from what I can see there's not much real information out their for actual sorcery and its extremely annoying when you go searching for information to see videos on how to get back at my ex boyfriend or girlfriend. I would love to be able to get actual information on the subject.

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    Art is Nature in the flask; Nature is a vial thing.

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    Socery is ceromonial magick. The Book of Abramelin is the most popular if you are serious.

    Dr Faustus was a real man. You might want to look into him. I got a book on magick by him somewhere.

    Ceromonial magick is dependent on a power source which is not you. I would be carefull if you end up peforming any rituals.

    Also Edward francis Collins was a famous witch. His family has dominated US witchcraft since 1600s.
    There is a big dispute between bloodlines. You have to have the right familys blood. New witches vs old witches.

    You are living in the century for witchcraft. You are surrounded by pagan symbolism everyday. Our calendars, holidays tv shows. Movies. Etc.
    You spell words. Grammar is grimoire.
    Hell you cant escape magick in the 21st century.

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    Would you say the kinda of magick done in the movie
    sorcerers apprentice is real?

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    This is a funny question. No. Its new age hodge podge.
    But Disney the company has or used to have a lot of pagan symbolism that it took from the grimm brothers.
    Fantasia is great if you understand the fallen angel.
    Holly wood.
    ,Edit - the film you mention does contain a subplot based on witchcraft. The two male leads is the masonic play used a lot in main stream movies.
    Holly wood is something you burn to recieve hallucinations.
    A practise in witchcraft.

    Your question on whether Magick can be used to prolong life.
    Yes. But you have to unnderstand some things about Witchcraft and cermonial magick.
    The blood is the life is a saying from the bible which rules witchcraft.
    To use a demon to prolong life your family has to have the right blood lineage. The Collins/Todd family is an example.
    This is pretty heavy subject. Its not like some movie.

    To know real witchcraft and magick you need to know its history. Why the belief Magick and life are carried in the blood.
    Its not some new age mumbo jumbo to sell books.
    Familys that practise witchcraft and magick have been doing it for centuries and are very serious about it.

    It all starts with the book of enoch. The Sons of God and the Daughters of men.
    Nebro and salakas from the gospel of judas.
    Satan and Azazel.
    Fuxi Nuwa.
    The bloodlines from mating with the Sons God.
    This is why new age witches are not accepted by the older familys who still maintain their believed bloodline from the Sons of God. Through incest and a whole load of very dark distgusting practises.
    Witchcraft and cermonial magick is dark rabbit hole.

    Dr Faustus has a book i will try to link for you later.
    Chuckfurnace is a wiki for all things masonic.
    The Djinn state i linked here ages ago for elixrmixer
    There are occult books all over the net. I have not been a part of that world for some time, i am sure others here know of up to date places.
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    That's interesting for some reason I do believe it's real to an extent I've seen a non living object come to life and fly I even have ideas on how to make an actual amulet that could prolong life seems prolonging life is all to do with energy. What do you think about this?

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    There is no absolute need to practice witchcraft or ceremonial magick, although they can have their uses, however they are severely "contaminated". There are other ways to tap into Real Power. You have to gradually "flood" you entire being with "The Force" (Universal Spirit). There are different ways to do it, some longer than other. The Philosopher's Stone is one of them, but not the only one. The advantages of this "gradual flooding" is that it triggers a process that is mostly "automatic" and soothes/clears soul & mind before accessing the actual Power, to make sure that Power is always accompanied by the Wisdom necessary to handle it. If you already have Magick in your blood, it can be an advantage, but it's not an absolute requirement. Real Power is ultimately an act of Complete Surrender. If you only remember this last phrase, this post has served its purpose.

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    You got to go a lot deeper than that. Thats 101 science.
    For instance.
    Every word you SPELL has intent. It has direction. The words you spell are lined up and picked with your intent to communicate a sentence.
    The sentence conveys a meaning.
    The words have power you give them.
    This is Magick 101.

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    You are so correct. Real witchcraft is not good. It is contaminated. That is putting it lightly. It is evil.if you know it.
    Marrow of children for longevity. Abuse to fracrure psyche to create intensity for rituals. The delibrate debasement of oneself to shatter ego. Incest. Rape. Orgies. All have some ritual that goes with them. I am not being dramatic.
    It is a dirty world to get into.

    There is a big differnce between Witchraft and all other types of shamanic practises.
    All witchcraft is dependent on some other power source.
    Shamanic magick is developing ones own power.
    Red lion if you are really intrested you should really know this.

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    I completely understand but how is one suppose to start without having some guidance.

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