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Hello Andro.

I think I will manage to do it. I need to figure out how to isolate it. Will try to extract it with a pipette and then OCD wash it with dist. water.
Pipette does not work at all. But a separation funnel does it well
It is really oily stuff. I'm going to prepare a bit of it so that it is workable. In a few days, I should have it.

I'm perfecting the way of bringing HIM to a higher concentration. There's a trick to do it: Different fires produce different results.

If you are aiming for the salts to climb, they will not gather as much essence or HIM. If you want HIM to manifest in higher volume, you need to sacrifice the climbing of the salts. In my view (I already tried it with a new batch of salts), the process begins at the end of the coagula, develops in very subtle calcination, and ends in the coagula to restart again. I didn't weigh the salts or the water used in all of it. I just dropped as much water as needed in order to dissolve all salts.

I believe the key here, concerns the quality of the waters, the pressure present in the vase, and the flow of air. With just a little bit of salts, I got more than the double concentration than before. But before, my focus was on the climbing of the salts. Now the focus is HIS appearance. Different focus, different concentration, different internal influence.

Below are some pics regarding the topic.

1 - White pure salt VS the coagulated and calcined one
2 - The concentration
3 - Put it on a test tube to try the pipette: you can see it in the water.