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    Thank you for your response Mr. Andro, I do appreciate hearing your opinion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Andro View Post
    There are even more Potent Sources, and they are not from the typical Mineral/Metallic Realm.
    Would you please share some possible examples or quotes from where this idea may have come from ?

    Even the Great Work with Gold is still considered a "Particular" of sorts, as opposed to the more "Universal" way, with another Matter(s).

    The Gold (Au) Work can ONLY be a Particular and the Only way to get to that Gold
    Particular is via the "UNIVERSAL" Mercury.

    All Alchemic Particulars come via the "Universal Mercury".

    There is no other way.

    The "Central Salt" can be obtained via certain "Waters".

    This is a most important point, so clarity is paramount.

    When you say "Central Salt" are you referring to the "Universal Mercury" ?

    And its "Spirit" counterpart should be sought in that which is Incommensurable, e.g. that which has plenty of "Mass" but no measurable "Magnitude" (yet), at least not in the Spacial "Cartesian Coordinates" sense.

    I haven't found anything pertaining to this theory in the old Masters books.

    Is this a New Age idea ?

    Also there can be no "Mass" outside this Construct.

    Other Paths (such as Metallic/Mineral, etc.) may still render good, measurable, tangible results, even small scale transmutations, but FAR from the "miraculous" potency and properties described in the writings of the Good Authors.

    The highest potency on Earth available to man is in the Mineral/Metallic Realm, this
    is the easiest and most profitable place to obtain what we need for our Alchemic Work.

    The "Only Way" to get to the "miraculous" potency and properties described in the writings of the Good Authors. .... is by Numerous Multiplications of the Stone to increase it's Virtue / Potency.

    As this Virtue is Multiplied higher and higher, then the amount of the Stone required for a given transmutation becomes less with each increase in Virtue.

    My best suggestion, for the Highest Potency, is to seek HIM in that which is Incommensurable.

    Are you suggesting that the Divine is "Incommensurable" ?

    The "Highest Potencies" are only Gifted by the Divine after the Stone is completed.
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