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Are you trying to set yourself up as some sort of "Authority" on the matter? Like your attempt to be the one metric of "correctness" in your other divination games?
An "Authority" no .... but I would like to be of assistance where it is accepted
if possible.

You evaded my question, which you also asked me: Did YOU have any Success in the Work with your methods?

Yes I have had some success, and have been granted a toe in the Door so to speak.
If I hadn't I would not be able to make these comments.

As for the "misconceptions", the sentiment is entirely mutual

I would expect nothing less ... this Great Work is about correcting our misconceptions !

Please share what you will, regardless of what you may perceive as "misconceptions".

Yes, I will gladly share what I can.

Everything is Spirit. All the other names and terms are referring to different states/manifestations/coagulations of the very same Sub-Stance.

How very true Mr. Andro ... It would be better if we ignored the names of things
and just concentrated on the processes.

There were a few other members that have a toe in the door but they don't post
on the forum anymore ...

I can't speak for them personally, but it is possible they might not wish to be viewed
as some sort of ..... "Authority" on the matter?