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If we're already talking of Orgone and Sulfur, and to use a comparison with "Orgonite", Sulfur would represent the "poor conductor" but Spirit/Orgone concentrating protagonist.
......This is what makes metal/Sulfur compounds so "alchemically interesting", such as Iron Sulfates (copperas/vitriols) or Iron Sulfides (Marcasites, Pyrites), or even Cinnabar (Mercury Sulfide) for the super daring.
From the way that you’re talking I can straight away tell that you never put sulfur with your German spring water together in a furnace.
You’ll only ever do it once.

The one time I did it, it made the surrounding air go really strange.
The surrounding air started manifesting a superfine black powder which deposited on EVERYTHING.
And I started to feel quite ill.
Fortunately after I removed the reaction pot from the fire, things slowly returned to normal and eventually I was able to clean away all the black stuff off everything, (it took a long time to fully clean up though).
The experience totally freaked me out, my mind couldn’t fathom what the hell happened.

Later I discovered that Reich had described the exact same phenomena.
In his case the black powder deposited on the area immediately surrounding his ranch for several weeks after the oranur experiment.
Reich named the substance Melanor and associated it’s appearance with DOR energy.

Looking back on my experience, I now realise how lucky I was...
= I wasn’t close to the firebox while the reaction was occurring, probably 2+ metres away at all times.
= I didn’t run the reaction for too long, because I removed it from the fire as soon as I noticed the heavy air and black powder depositing everywhere.
= The reaction was occurring inside a sealed firebox which would have limited the escape and spread of whatever was occurring

Don Nance was not so lucky as myself and became gravely ill from doing the same/similar reaction.

You can try it yourself if you want to find out, or you can simply take my word for it...
@high heat -> HIM water + Sulfur + black iron oxide + quartz powder = something very bad (aka DOR/strange radiation)

Don Nance later tested the reaction slag and discovered transmuted elements.
I did no such thing, I threw the entire result (including the pot) into the garbage, with great delight to have it gone from my life.