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I would hate to think that I would burn any bridges with you my dear friend
You have no worries in that department !

I perhaps didnt highlight it enough in my previous post, but I have found your intentions, over the last 5 - 6 years, to all be coming from the right place, and I value our conversations in and of themselves and don't look to gain anything out of them other than your friendship (although SM would be nice).

You are an Aussie brother in Art, that has always treated me with kindness and respect. What more could I ask for in a friend? Alchemy is secondary to me in this regard, and our relationship.

Thank you for your kind words Mr. Mixer.

And yes, you did prevent me, many times from spending the money on my SM set-up, however, after 4 years of looking for a cheaper alternative, I find myself in exactly the same position, and I really have no choice now but to give in and spend the large expenses, since I have not been able to discover the cheaper alternatives. ( i mean, I know cheaper ways to make SM, but I am looking for stuff that has the potency I require also )

I didn't prevent you but I did advise you.
Sometimes we must do what we must do, but think about the final product, SM ... Try to understand IT.
SM is VERY powerful .. massive amounts of Light energy have been infused into the earth and stored over millions of years, nature has done this not man.
Nature has collected and processed the rain and dew from the beginning of this world.

It is now mans work to collect what nature has put in place.
Remember gold won't dissolve in rain water.

IMHO .....