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Thread: What did I make?

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    I just want to transmute metals to see if alchemy is real

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    the particles appear white with a slight pinkish-tint to them, rather than blue
    Dude, I said copper(I) acetate.
    The blue one is copper(II) acetate.

    I just want to transmute metals to see if alchemy is real
    Hmmm...I wonder if you'll come back and tell us once you've discovered how.
    "Show me a stone which can cure cancer in 1 week,
    and I care not whether it transmute base metal to gold."


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    Oh, thanks. Sorry I misheard you. So it's copper acetate. I have another idea for the experiment. If I transmute the much larger piece of copper oxide to iron (I would tell by it's properties and density) I will let you know.

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    Works with the acetates molecules can be funny and interesting, but that is not alchemy. And that is not the Mercury of iron. Maybe as a chemical level it's the "mercury" of iron...

    Continue to work and the lab results will make you progress towards the True Way (of Hermes Trismegistus) [any reference or quote is purely random ]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antinventor2020 View Post
    I just want to transmute metals to see if alchemy is real
    I sympathize with this. My interest in alchemy started with a similar curiosity, to see if what these stories say is true. Its since developed over time, but wanting to experience the true operations of Nature is still a driving force behind my lab works.

    The threads found via this link (courtesy of the Alchemy Forums Search function) may be of help and interest to you and your goal:

    Search: Transmutation
    Art is Nature in the flask; Nature is a vial thing.

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