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Thread: The Dry Path

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    The Dry Path

    Recently I said in this forum that I wished for Scrooge to release his Dry Path analysis.
    Later I realised what kind of person am I to ask from another what I haven't given myself, so here's my take on the same.

    I already wrote a bit about what I believe is the “secret sauce” of alchemy in the HIM thread.
    But I'll quickly summarise here.
    IMO there is a special particle, probably undiscovered by science, which I refer to as the gaia particle (there's a possibility the gaia particle is what science calls the neutrino).
    The gaia particle is usually attached to the proton on the nucleus of light hydrogen atoms.
    It carries torsion charge by having a capability to spin.
    It's antagonistic to neutrons, therefore only ever found in light hydrogen (not deuterium or tritium).
    It's probably also the “glue” which holds a proton and electron together in a neutron.
    Ions in salt/s are somehow able to hold on to gaia particles.
    And it's capability to spin creates a link into higher dimensions, which makes life possible and seemingly creates energy from nothing etc.

    So based on all that, my analysis of the wet method is:
    - convert a water source with low concentration gaia particles into a solvent which is saturated with them.
    - dissolve a metal oxide salt into the created solvent.
    - slowly evaporate off the solvent using mild warmth plus low pressure
    - redissolve the salt with new solvent and re-evaporate again. Repeat many times.

    Seems easy enough in principle, but it's pretty difficult to collect the right sort of water.
    Then you have to dick around with concentrating it, which isn't easy, and requires special equipment and chemicals.
    Then you have to make your metal oxide, again requiring a bit of mucking around.
    Finally conduct the slow dissolutions and cohobations.
    Basically...simple in concept, but a bit long and tedious in practice.

    Then there's this other “dry” way which is occasionally talked about, where the process is supposed to be completed in hours instead of months.
    Why would anyone bother with the “wet” way when there is a much simpler and faster method available?
    And why do so few adepts even seem to have known it?
    It's like a matroska doll...multiple layers of secrecy.

    At first glance, the dry path seems impossible.
    If the spirit of life, aka HIM usually manifests in water and air, then how can a high heat process possibly work?
    You'll quickly lose your gaia particles to evaporation and driven away from low humidity as soon as the temperature starts to rise.
    Scrooge claims that he actually knows how to do the dry path.
    He also gave a couple of hints such as putting pics of gold mixed with various molten salts after being furnaced at high temps.

    IMO gaia particles will cling to salt/s, so the dry way must simply be using a vivified salt which is in a molten state.
    And when considering possible salts to use, saltpeter stands way above the rest.
    When heated above it's melting point, saltpeter decomposes to gases, one of which is oxygen, which is a requirement for the wet way in the form of a metal oxide salt.

    The text “Abraham the Jew”, discusses the dry path, and early in the text, when talking of a Marsz/magnet/salt it states:

    Pour again a fresh warm Water thereon, after 24 hours let it again run off. In the same manner proceed also with the remaining Marcz; and then pour such clean Water into a copper kettle, till it be quite full, and lay on such three parts and seethe down; pour the kettle, seethe it down again, till on the third part, and thus continue 10 or 12 times, when now at last all is seethed down, and the third part is yet in the kettle, so pour in another clean kettle, set it into cold sand some days so will a Salt crystallize. This take thereout and preserve well in a clean vessel, the remaining leave again to boil down to the half, set it down again and let it crystallize till all is crystallized; then continue. On this Salt pour clean dew, in order that it will dissolve. Then filter it and coagulate it so often, till it is pure and crystallized and prepared, so have you the right Salt Marcz, which in the Sea of the World hovers and is concealed, without which nothing can be engendered and born, and also have you the fruit bringing Salt and the prima Materialis Universal Marcz prepared and primam materiam of the old Wine.
    IMO, this is very clearly describing a process to extract and purify saltpeter from the earth.
    Since saltpeter isn't needed for the wet path, it's a pretty safe conclusion that it's described because it's a necessary ingredient for the dry way.

    Later on in Abraham the Jew, it says this:

    Dear brethren, in order that before you accomplish this secret work and also have food and nourishment; so will I teach you some small primitive work which in all places you can do.

    Take melted Almusater Alatren, have it and Celuvialatel, rub it amongst each other, put it in a strong stone vessel, and sublimate up again, and repeat for the third time, and so you get a Gold Sublimate, which you shall also require, let 32 shekels heavy of the pure Copper Metal, in a strong Earthen Vessel prepare, let this flow in a strong Fire, when flowing thin, add the fat sublimate 4 shekels heavy to it, let it flow one hour, then pour it out, so have you the great Secret thereby to accomplish a living.

    Yet must you remember this necessary manipulation, when you have a right fat Marcz, and with dew or Water Grandi extrahiret so now you boil such down, so expert that in it a Salt can crystallize, and on account of the great fatness and fat viscosity of this Salt. When you see this, so let it safely evaporate to a thick liquor. This liquor is far better than the crystals. With such you can go to work, that you mix therewith so much of its own thoroughly heated and lixiviated Earth, and then distill over, as has been taught, and so you get at once so much of this Volatile Spirit.

    The fixed salt remains behind, which can be lixiviated and goes in the work as said before.

    Guard yourself however that these Secrets come not into your enemies hands.
    The book is quite lengthy, about 90 pages. I suspect most of it is filled with red herrings to trap the unworthy though, because IMO the very short text I just quoted above describes:
    - how to do the dry path
    - how to perform a transmutation
    - how to vivify the Marcz/salt (the crucial ingredient)
    - reminding that this information should never come into the hands of their enemies (Eg: you and me).

    Even though short, it's an incredibly descriptive portion of text.
    For example, it says that you need to keep the copper metal in a molten state for 1 hour after adding the projection powder in order to complete the transmutation.
    It also says we don't need to totally dry the salt when boiling down each time, it can just go down to a thick syryp before repeating.
    It's not perfectly clear, but it also appears to me that the text is saying you can just use metallic gold to make the transmutation stone when doing this method.
    This is surprising because you can't go straight to a gold projection stone using the wet method.
    (The old timers couldn't make gold oxide salt with early technology).

    Therefore, based on the book of Abraham the Jew (and Scrooge), here's my analysis of the dry path:
    - Imbibe saltpeter with HIM through multiple boildowns.
    - File the target metal into filings (perhaps you could also use a metal oxide powder).
    - Mix saltpeter with metal filings in a crucible (Scrooge says use a sealed crucible)
    - Put it in a furnace and ramp it, first to melt the saltpeter and hold for a while, then heat really high to decompose the saltpeter into gas (900+ celcius)
    - open crucible, add more vivified saltpeter, and reheat. Repeat several times.

    [you'll need to vent the exhaust from the furnace through a carbon filter to scrub any nitric oxide gases.]

    There's still a bit of dicking around with imbibing your salt and making your metal filings, but...much faster and easier than the wet way.
    If you ever try it, then just be careful with the output gas because it's probably gonna be toxic.
    In fact, I do recall reading somewhere that the dry path has some danger, that's probably it.
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    "Show me a stone which can cure cancer in 1 week,
    and I care not whether it transmute base metal to gold."



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