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Thread: I think I finally did transmutation

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    I think I finally did transmutation

    Or not. I'm not sure. Recently, I partook in an experiment where I mixed the heated essence of iron with a tiny bit of liquid mercury (Don't worry, I was careful), and I noticed that the mercury became solid in the clear liquid instantly. I also noticed it was magnetic, and it was relatively heavy. More experiments to come, I shall create more of this "mystery solid" to measure it's density more accurately and to replicate this experiment again. If it's something else or can be explained chemically, let me know please. Thank you

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    Pictures are worth a thousand words. If you have the time to take some next time, it would be interesting to see.
    Art is Nature in the flask; Nature is a vial thing.

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    I shall

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    I would not jump on transmutation so quickly.
    You have solidified vulgar mercury right ?

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    Yes, the mercury became solid in the mixture of mine. The mixture is the oil and mercury of iron

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kibric View Post
    I would not jump on transmutation so quickly.
    You have solidified vulgar mercury right ?
    Yes, it is mercury from a broken thermometer and it solidified instantly in the liquid

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    Mercury forms amalgams with most metals and solidifies. But it will not form amalgams with iron. So, the expalnation here might not be trivial. By "mercury of iron", you mean the red sublimate of iron acetate destructive distillation?

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    But the liquid was room temperature and I managed to extract the solid out of the liquid and it remained solid

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    Yes, the "mercury AND sulfur of iron" is the result of iron acetate and destructive distillation

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    I shall also measure the density of the material once I have a substantial amount of this strange metal

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