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Thread: A Way Forward

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    A Way Forward

    A Way Forward
    by Kiorionis


    The way forward is a laborious road
    Being of little renown to the common world.
    If people only knew its appetite for growth,
    The undesirable would become desirable.

    I think itís better this way for now,
    Hidden away like a vapor
    Comprehensible at certain times
    And at other times, quite incomprehensible.

    Itís a natural thing which I prefer
    To develop naturally, not artificially,
    In order to see the beginning and the end clearly.
    Artificial constructs merely imitate,
    And do not generate.
    I cannot think of any other approach
    Towards the wonders of the world.

    It has a beginning and end
    But there is only one thing:
    Opening the heart to the Great Mystery,
    Revealer of Arcane Artistry!


    There is thinking and not doing
    Doing and not thinking
    Not thinking and not doing
    Doing and thinking.
    They all have their place on the way forward.

    When thinking and not doing
    The Mind is free.
    When doing and not thinking
    The Body is free.
    When not thinking and not doing
    The Spirit is free.
    When doing and thinking
    We observe our natural limitations.

    In observing our natural limitations
    We are set free to work within them.


    Simplicity is the greater virtue
    When sitting among complexities.
    This is how I know who speaks truthfully
    And who wishes to deceive me.

    Truth is simple
    Lies are complex.
    Truth is silent
    Lies cry out, desiring to be heard.
    The first is subtle and invisible like air
    The second, as corruptible as dry wood before firing.

    But how boring the world would be
    If there was only Truth and no Falsehood!
    Secrets would no longer be valuable
    Art would not speak so grandly
    Enlightenment really would be unattainable.


    Man and Wife generate a Child
    King and Queen generate a Prince
    Within all is a procreative force.

    To be Man or King, Wife or Queen,
    To be the Child or the Prince is irrelevant
    when making the way forward.

    Without the generative force
    creation ends and lineages are cut off.
    It would be like living in a body
    with blood without breath.

    Preserving this essential nature
    Is the greater mystery
    Behind the arcane artistry.


    Our terrestrial bodies are corruptible.
    With time they will scatter in the wind
    or decay beneath the Earth.

    This is why the old philosophers and sages
    Practiced the way forward:
    -To regenerate physical vitality
    -To augment their essential nature
    -To reincrudate
    -To Liberate

    Under heaven there is nothing more celestial
    Than a new birth in a new body.
    Philosophers and sages knew,
    And on their way forward
    Followed natural principles.


    The potential of inertia is greater
    Than the potential for change,
    As all natural bodies end in rest.
    They delight in a peaceful existence!
    However, both change and inertia
    are necessary to make the way forward.

    Outwardly, the hen may appear to sit and do nothing
    But beneath her feathers the chick is developing within the egg.
    And although travelers move from state to state,
    They rest periodically,
    recuperating to regain strength

    The attentive farmer is aware
    Of the seasons and the planting times,
    When to water and when to withhold.
    They consider with greater care when to harvest
    In order to collect the sweetest fruits.


    Itís foolish for the farmer
    To sow seeds during winter.
    He waits patiently
    For the return of the Sun.

    Equally foolish is his allowing natural moisture
    To withdraw from the Earth
    During the heat of summer!
    So he keeps his field green
    And growing by irrigation.

    The clever operator of the land
    Keeps to his almanac
    Plants, nurtures, and harvests
    According to the Moon.
    In so doing he develops harmony
    Between the Celestial and Terrestrial Seasons.

    Those who produce the finest crop
    Know this secret:
    There is more than one Springtime.


    The way forward is beset by dragons
    Chimeras, ghosts and shadows.
    All manner of phantasms appear
    To those seeking immortality.

    When the way forward is simple
    Sleep is of no concern
    Anxiety and fear are forgotten
    Tranquility is maintained
    There is composure during the dark night.

    When the Mind is filled with complexities
    It believes any lie!
    It looks only towards falsehood.

    Fortify the Mind
    Strengthen the Will
    Seek out the center of Consciousness
    Order and maintain the senses
    Find the root of the world.


    When the evening approaches
    The witching-hour appears
    On a cloudless night
    Bringing the way forward into harmony
    With otherworldly light.

    Limpid, lost of wings, and pure
    A heavenly dew descends
    Like an exhalation
    From the great beyond.

    What wonders it produces
    Beneath the Earth!
    Engendering silver and gold
    Cinnabar and citrine ó a veritable elixir!
    All the colors it contains
    Like the white light of the Sun
    Piercing through to the heart of the Earth.


    Develop naturally, not artificially.
    Art is Nature in the flask; Nature is a vial thing.

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    Can’t remember if I posted this before or not. In any case, couldn’t find it by searching and thought it was time to resurrect old writings
    Art is Nature in the flask; Nature is a vial thing.

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    Kiorionis it is a very beautiful and insightful writing that you have posted here!


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