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Thread: What Is The Universal Solvent for Metals?

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    Nov 2018
    Quote Originally Posted by Lakshmana View Post
    Something actually happened last days

    Water turned slightly yellowish
    Then white blobs started floating around and settling on the bottom

    Might just be the water getting old but its fun to look at

    (vial of water and gold bar in pyramid)
    You need to not use a gold bar but reduce it into particles via aqua regia and drop gold with smb. Add a small amount(10mg) gold to the charged water 2 weeks after you start the experiment. Or you can file some gold off and use that.

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    Jan 2022
    Plan is to make a few different powders red nanoparticles, purple, blue (hard to stabilize), black and wpg distilled gold goo
    And seal them dry into vials with silicone gaskets then expose the different powders to pyramid energy

    I'm waiting for 2 grams of gold to arrive those should last a very long time doing these small scale experiments

    You Lakshmana are A-OK with me ... I just wanted to clear up some of those wild claims from that thread.
    No problem, you too

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    Nov 2009
    Electricity is the Universal Solvent, and it is also the Universal Coagulant. Think about it, see how atoms and molecules can be formed and destroyed due to the electrical charges of their components. Now you can meditate on how to use this electromagnetic characteristic of matter for the purposes that concern us. All is Energy and and Matter, Solve et Coagula...

    Look at how and why an acid can dissolve, water itself dissolves many components, why aqua regia can dissolve gold, why chlorine gas dissolve gold too, with this in mind think about what electromagnetic characteristics a solvent should have to dissolve gold as ice in hot water.

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    Nov 2018
    this solvent that dissolves gold as in water with ice. is there any mention of using this solution to make the stone?

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    Can you expand on your statement, thank you!

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