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Thread: How to dope a permanent magnet to make a free energy device

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    How to dope a permanent magnet to make a free energy device

    In my post where I originally tried to elucidate my understanding of HIM,
    I basically said that HE is the underlying cause of overunity systems and free energy devices.
    This includes the devices which utilize permanent magnets such as the Bedini wheel.
    Specifically, I believe that magnet containing systems which demonstrate overunity must be using magnets which have been previously doped with gaia particles..

    Exact quote: Source HERE
    They can however accumulate on the surface or inside a magnet, and this is the cause of so called 'overunity devices' which use permanent magnets.
    In these cases the inventors are using magnets which have been previously doped with gaia particles (most likely unknowingly).
    I had always figured that we'll never know exactly how the magnets in devices such as Bedini wheel originally got doped with gaia particles.
    However I recently came across information that Bedini also published a patent on a setup used to generate scalar waves from 2 opposing magnets.
    Source HERE

    Bedini originally released this patent because he noticed that the “scalar beam” would make wine taste better and would make audio CD's and laser disc videos sound better.
    It's likely that when he published that patent, it wasn't yet discovered that a small amount of white noise played over a perfectly clean digital recording actually makes it sound better to the human ear.

    IMO the Bedini “scalar beam” device is causing the gaia particles doped on the magnet to eject sideways, which manifests as a weak form of STRANGE RADIATION.
    This sideways ejected STRANGE RADIATION would in turn would cause microscopic pits to appear on the surface of laser discs (as it's known to do), which likewise would introduce white noise into the signal when played back.

    For me though, the real gold from this publication is that it also shows a way to dope the magnets with gaia particles.
    Remember that:
    = pulsed DC current excites gaia particles
    = gaia particles travel in the opposite direction of electric current, slowly moving up the positive wire towards the positive terminal source of a battery.
    = A magnetic field around the positive wire will stop the gaia particles slowly migrating up the wire.

    Therefore....IMO in order to dope a magnet, just use Bedini's “scalar beamer”, but make these small changes:
    1: Replace the electric motor with a gaia particle source such as a water tub with 2 immersed electrodes (like a standard electrolytic cell)
    2: Replace the battery with a pulsing DC current source, [probably need high frequency and high voltage]
    Set it up so that the positive wire travels through the magnets first before arriving to the water cell.

    IMO this would cause the gaia particles to travel up the wire into the magnets with enough energy to push them through the magnetic field and stick to the surface of the magnets.

    Reusing RexResearch's ASCII'd look like so:
    Edit: The forum's auto-correct makes this diagram unrecognisable sorry.

    Use 2 rectangle ceramic magnets with North poles glued together
    Wind the magnets with about 50 turns of #30 magnet wire. Wire gauge is not critical.

    |\. \\\ \.
    | \ \\\\ \.
    |\ \ \\\\ \
    | \ \ _\\\\___ \
    \ \ \ |||| |
    \ \|__||||__ |
    \ | |||| |
    \|__||||_ _|
    \ |
    | |
    | -----------[ water cell ]----------o - High/Medium frequency, High/Medium Voltage DC supply
    |____________________________o +
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