A couple of months ago an anonymous alchemist mentioned to me that he'd like to make a 4D hypercube and place it in the hands of a total scientific sceptic in order to blow their mind.
I thought it was a funny metaphor and indeed would be a cool thing to do, but of course such an object does not exist....or does it?

It turns out that an object which operates from 4D/5D unseen energy field does indeed exist...the Egely wheel!

For those that aren't familiar with them already, the Egely wheel will start to spin when a human hand (or warm container of water) is placed next to it.
The rate of spin is directly proportional to the level of health and mood of the person who's hand is beside it.
The creator of the egely wheel noted that the energy healers and successful business-people cause the wheel to spin the fastest.
Curiously the inventor was a scientist, and described his experience with scientific community thus:

Source HERE.
I turned to my director who sent me to an old friend of his, an academician who had been
advanced to biophysicist from a nuclear physicist at about that time.
I trusted that the documented results of the 500 experiments on films,
videos and photos, the numerous control experiments, and the experimental disproving of the
arguments of opponents would be enough to get the permission to continue the experiments.
But, he was not interested in my results, after two minutes he ordered me to stop doing this work at once
and to do something else that earns good money and not to show my work and findings to anyone,
which had already been published as a research report.
(G. Egely: Experimental Investigation of Biologically Induced Energy Transport Anomalies, KFKI report, 1986-94/K)
His opinion was in short:
“I don’t believe this even if I see it with my own eyes, this phenomenon does not exist because it can not,
and it cannot exist because it does not.”