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Thread: Thoth

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    This is a Phoenix-thread from the old site.

    The Ebers Papyrus is a 68-foot long scroll on alchemy and one of the oldest book in the world states:
    Manís guide is Thoth (Tehuti) who bestows on him the gifts of his speech, who makes the books and illumines those who are learned therein, and the physicians who follow him, that they may work cures.
    Thoth is seen as the first Hermes and is often depicted as a man with the head of an ibis (which is a wading bird with a long curved beak). The ibis is the Egyptian symbol for the heart and Thoth presides over the Weighing of the Heart ceremony, weighing individual's true words or the innermost intent in all of our thoughts and actions, determining who is admitted into heaven much like the part Saint Peter plays at the Pearly Gates. Thoth is the final judge and he embodies the rational powers of the Sun and the intuitive irrational energies of the Moon.

    Thoth ruled over ancient Egypt. He instituted record keeping and founded the science of mathematics, astronomy and medicine. Invented hieroglyphics and wrote The Book of Breathings which teaches humans how to become gods. Thoth also figured under the name of Agathodaimon, The Good Spirit, and in an ancient Egyptian papyrus he is said to be the one god without parents who precedes all others and whose creative willpower fashions reality. That is some pretty amazing qualities for any real individual or allegory!

    Supposedly Thoth wrote down the essence of his knowledge on a tablet engraved on green emerald stone, hence its name the Emerald Tablet. It also figures under the names the Smaragdine Table of Hermes, or Tabula Smaragdina.

    Its true origin and re-emergence into modern society is a murky story lost in the mist of time. A famous story is that Alexander the Great discovered it in the tomb of Hermes where the text was written in Phúnician characters on an emerald slab.

    Green has, perhaps since the dawn of time, been associated with Magic and Mother Nature. It has been the colour of Gaia, Chronos, Saint Veronica, Venus, Aphrodite and Woman. For some reason it has also become the colour of money and associated with greed and envy (?).

    There are many different versions of the Emerald Tablet. I like the one that appears in Archibald Cockrenís book Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored.

    Read it HERE

    After he engraved this knowledge on the Emerald Tablet Thoth, according to one legend, gave it to Noah, who then took the tablet aboard the ark and later hid it in a cave near Hebron where it was later discovered by Abrahamís wife Sarah. Jewish mystics identify Thoth with Adamís first wife Seth.

    In the Koran Thoth is Idris and Idris lived between the eras of Adam and Noah. Another version says that Noah found the tablet at the foot of Mount Ararat. The Torah mention several universal laws given to Noah for the benefit of all mankind and not just the Jews. In the Jewish Old Testament Idris was Enoch (the initiated).

    Just before the flood Thoth preserved all the ancient wisdom by inscribing two great pillars hiding sacred objects and scrolls inside. Josephus tells us that the patriarch Seth, in order that wisdom and astronomical knowledge should not perish, erected two columns (one of brick, the other of stone) on which this knowledge was engraved. Herodotus wrote:
    Öhidden under the heavenly vault which could only be found by the worthy, who would use such knowledge for the benefit of mankind.
    When time came for Thoth to leave Egypt he erected, or drew plans, to the Great Pyramid situated above the entrance to the Great Halls of Amenti in which he placed his records and appointed guards for his secrets from the highest amongst his people. The descendants of these guards became the Pyramid Priests.

    According to one ancient papyrus the pyramids of Cheops could not be built without the wisdom of Thoth, but if this means that they used his plans directly or employed techniques invented by him Ė or just inspired by him Ė we will probably never know.

    In the end it doesnít matter really if Thoth was real or not, all that matters are the words of the Emerald Tablet and what they can teach us.

    More info on Thoth HERE
    Quote Originally Posted by quex
    boils down to... Your god may be great, but mine is three times that!
    Quote Originally Posted by Aunt Clair
    How does he appear to others ? I have rarely seen him in the Ibis head . He usually has the horns of the moon , dark skin , bearded , often bare chested . I find him one of the easiest teachers to hear and he says he is part of the Christ Consciousness . Christ says he is Thoth also .
    Quote Originally Posted by deviadah
    I have always seen him with the ibis head! And to me Thoth is Thought... I don't have a degree in linguistics, but that is pretty interesting I think and must have some relevance. Anyway here is a link you might enjoy:

    The Emerald Tablets of Thoth
    Wisdom is power and power is wisdom,
    one with each other, perfecting the whole.
    Be thou not proud, O man, in thy wisdom.
    Discourse with the ignorant as well as the wise.
    If one comes to thee full of knowledge,
    listen and heed, for wisdom is all.
    Cause thou not fear for fear is a bondage,
    a fetter that binds the darkness to men.
    Seek ye with wisdom.
    Turn thy thoughts inward.
    Close not thy mind to the flower of Light.

    Place in thy body a thought-formed picture.
    Think of the numbers that lead thee to Life.

    Clear is the pathway to he who has wisdom.
    Open the door to the Kingdom of Light.

    Pour forth thy flame as a Sun of the morning.
    Shut out the darkness and live in the day.

    Take thee, O man! As part of thy being,
    the Seven who are but are not as they seem.
    Opened, O man! Have I my wisdom.
    Follow the path in the way I have led.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gunderic Mollusk
    I myself have had experiences here and there with Djehuty (Thoth) as the old Baboon image, complete with the feathered cape. I've always tended to respond to inglamorous versions of figures, and a gruff ape-faced brainiac with a heart of gold was who I needed to see, apparently.
    Donít let the delusion of reality confuse you regarding the reality of the illusion.

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    Yes I understand how you feel and the baboon Thoth is pretty cool actually.

    For those not familiar with this image, here's what it looks like:

    Quote Originally Posted by Aunt Clair
    My peers and I saw a Baboon God called Babi aka Baba in the death chamber of the Great Pyramid in Shamballah . He was blue and short . We met him on the River Styx .He taught us lessons concerning death and reincarnation .
    Quote Originally Posted by deviadah
    Explain more about this encounter.

    What you wrote was only the tip of an iceberg it seems...
    Quote Originally Posted by Gunderic Mollusk
    My interest is piqued as well! I'll admit, often times details of these encounters get stored in places that normal consciousness can't get to, as far as memory's concerned, and I'm certain that the lessons are more internal and unto you and your comrades (I'm not wanting to step on any cosmic toes and ask what he taught) but the experience sounds exciting, for lack of a better term! We wants more, Auntie!
    Quote Originally Posted by Aunt Clair
    I work in circle with other alchemist mystics online and at home . One was worried about a blue baboon he met in a dreamstate projection . It did not menace him but he heard from friends that it was a hostile demon or a dark god . ie
    Babi was a fierce, bloodthirsty baboon god who was ancient even in the realm of Egyptian gods. We find him mentioned as early as the Old Kingdom, when Babi "bull (i.e. dominant male) of the baboons" with his supernatural aggression is an attribute to which the monarch aspires. He controls the darkness and will open up the sky for the king since his phallus is the bolt on the doors of heaven. This virility symbol is carried over into a later spell where in order to ensure successful sexual intercourse in the Afterlife a man identifies his sexuality with Babi. Perhaps it is not entirely fortuitous that the Underworld ferryboat uses Babi's phallus as its mast.

    This dangerous god lives on human entrails and murders on sight. Hence spells are needed to protect oneself against him, particularly during the weighing of the heart ceremony in the Hall of the Two Truths. where a person's fitness for paradise is determined. Naturally this hostile aspect of Babi leads to an identification with Seth. Conversely Babi can use his immense power to ward off dangers like snakes and control turbulent waters. Understandably in the Book of the Dead the deceased makes the magical progression to become Babi who in turn transforms into the "eldest son of Osiris".
    The baboon god Baba, was worshipped in Pre-Dynastic times; alternatively, .... Baboon is thought to derive from the name of the Egyptian baboon-god Babi.
    Babi was the deification of the baboon, one of the main animals present in Egypt, and it is thought that from his name we get the word baboon. His name is usually translated as Bull of the baboons, and roughly means Alpha male of all baboons, i.e. chief of the baboons. Since Baboons exhibit many human characteristics, it was believed in early times, at least since the Predynastic Period, that they were deceased ancestors. In particular, the alpha males were identified as deceased rulers...Babi was said to be the first born son of Osiris, the god of the dead amongst the same
    Representations of this god as ibis headed, baboon or god of the moon. ... The god-baboon is often represented watching over a crouching subservient scribe. ...
    The word baboon is thought to derive from that of the Egyptian Baboon god Babi.
    Thoth , Babi /Baba and Hapy are Egyptian Baboon Gods
    This scene from the Book of the Dead ...The baboon-headed. guardian of the ... made in the shape of the four sons. of Horus. Each of these sons (gods). protected a particular organ. ...The baboon-headed god Hapy, guardian of the lungs
    We saw Babi as a blue Baboon God crouching on the river bank of the Styx which runs in Shamballah beneath the realms and can be found flowing beside the death chamber of the Great Pyramid of Luxor there .
    This realm is temporally stable and may be visited by all .

    Babi was not ferocious He appeared in a qlippoth lesson to teach about death . He took us in a boat to 3 islands in a dark fork of the river .

    He appeared to us a few times . Here is one entry from our journal ;
    Oct 05

    chiron standing there now
    dead white goose plucked hung upside down

    blood dripping down from his left hand
    a swan flying hovering crowned with yamaja crown above his right hand
    we are on his boat again
    and going to the islands in the river Styx
    we see Peter on a rock
    the sun is bright the rock is barren in this underworld
    inside is rock of ages and raphael is there as from gate of love
    on the top is Peter and Christ
    on the bottom is hell
    this is the spot
    where we turn and see god or not god no matter which way we turn
    we hear ha rach
    in the sepiroth
    we see a creche

    than the king on throne then babe then king rocking back and forth
    we see briefly the 3 kings are there
    Solomon is the 4th king
    Christ is the 5th magi

    we are on the 5th path of magus now
    to get the golden thumb and ??
    then he rises ,king solomon square flat crown above his headdress
    long curly beard first black then white

    we were taken to the third island
    but we have not been to 1st or 2nd
    the rock foundation inside of yesod the jewel in the stone
    the armpits glow
    we see under the left a silver akasha triangle as arms out da vinci pose
    367 b jodies sees sword infinity wings
    and mirror between moon and sun
    we see symbols a crux with a club over it with sveta
    a red sphere coming out of sveta head
    angels crack it as an egg
    and sveta gets a golden bar on her cage
    she shrugs and crawls as bear into cave
    plenty of room to leave
    but says she does not care to come into the light
    (hibernation not too late )
    the crux and club we are told means

    i dont want to be part of you (and of light- god )
    We see Thoth ,Babi and Anubis standing on the river bank of the Styx as guardians of hell .There is a horrible smell of sulphur here now . A test of faith to trust .
    Jodie hears rigor mortis here and trust lower self more now
    look at debbie gold: spider on her nose indigo scorpions black in her eyes legs are silver rolling up in white web coming from mouth negativity as sveta is chucking a wobbly her lower self is projected here
    debbie got an ibis as did we all thru her from thoth the legs thru wrist to ground
    the body on the right arm and the beak in the heart eating negativity
    jodie says the maypole is phallus and seeds

    Babi is a fertility god with a phallus
    the pyramid pole is opposite not fertile no harvest

    barren fruit for god cursed the fig tree that did not bear fruit
    look at jodie silver: crow see image on silver ring solomon
    we become rainbow serpent silver owl and orange fox again
    jodie as dragon with wings
    me as old owl
    and deb as mature fox now
    We did not have to make the cave or the bars she made it herself sadly
    we watch and observe
    Quote Originally Posted by Gunderic Mollusk
    What's interesting is that in my own experiences, deities and spirits thought to be hostile, when approached in a spirit of willingly seeking transformation or transition, seem much kinder than many descriptions of them. I admire your research ability, Aunt Claire!
    Quote Originally Posted by LadyHydralisk
    Cool great journal entry...thanks for sharing Aunt Claire...very interesting as well.
    Quote Originally Posted by The.Hermetic.Alchemist
    before I ever learned about Thoth, or knew who he was, I had a dream, and in this dream I am walking up a set of stairs, probably seven but not to sure. at the top of the stairs was Thoth in his half man half bird form, he is standing next to a book, the book is blank and then I start to sign it. then I woke up. what would this mean?
    Donít let the delusion of reality confuse you regarding the reality of the illusion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The.Hermetic.Alchemist
    ...the book is blank and then I start to sign it. then I woke up...
    Could be the Book of the Dead?

    Above is a picture from the book. Ani (man with his wife bowing to the gods), while Anubis weighs his heart against Maat's feather of truth, and Thoth records the event, and Ammit the devourer waits patiently. - source
    Quote Originally Posted by The.Hermetic.Alchemist
    I have seen this painting many times. the animal next to Thoth is an ancient alchemical creature, brain fart on what it is called. basically it is what is in the full metal alchemist, half man half dog. but I do not know if the book in my dream is the book of the dead. because first off the book is blank, and second, why would I be signing it? but one thing is know about Thoth, he is immortal, and is aka Hermes Trimegustus three times great. he claims to have been in Atlantian times.
    Donít let the delusion of reality confuse you regarding the reality of the illusion.

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    I performed an invocation of Thoth a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoy working with Thoth!

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    Thoth has so many faces... kind of like Our Mercury having so many names.

    Thoth is pictured as dog faced, ibis-headed, baboon, heron/phoenix,... I think
    sometimes a dolphin and also a ram...

    Some believe his the Biblical Enoch.

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    I just had a thought:

    What if "Thoth" or "Hermes" is infact a personification of subconsious thought and law/ nature, aperance being
    altered acording to the peoples that manifested the idea/image/knowledge into a solid, or decently solid being.

    I know it's out-there, just thought it was a fun idea
    to toy with.
    All is One.
    Godís in His Heaven, Allís right with the World.

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    Well I always saw Hermes/Thoth as an allegory anyway so your idea might not be so bad!

    Donít let the delusion of reality confuse you regarding the reality of the illusion.

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    I see Thoth as equivalent to Logos. The god of language, moreover the hieroglyphic form. When he becomes identified with Hermes Trismegistus, he is associated more with the phonetic aleph-beth. He is also Enoch, who became unmanifest, it would seem. I feel Thoth more than I see it. I envision the Ibis head, and sense a dynamically (self?) articulating intelligence. He is the calculator of trajectories, and I'm sure would be good at snooker if he was called to be. The legend of Babi is interesting too me, and seems to emphasize Thoth's darksite... the cunning animality that drives the Intelligent. Nous, Poimandres. And Babi is the phallic potency, the pillar of heaven, as it were... most interesting. the mast most, MOST interesting. I bet you that while Thoth in the ibis form is essentially the archetype of slow stalking and quick striking, in (it's?) Baboon form it finds it's motive power source. Raw wind-like violence. Perhaps this legend senses that thought is the result of dealing with our own dark nature... Certainly, it speaks of the power of breath (ruah/consciousness). Freud suggested that the Ego builds itself in order to channel the raw nature of the Id. Perhaps, analagously, Ibis develops to channel (and hyperbalance) Baboon. Ibis then acts as connection point which links us to all the other archetypes. This polyvalence is what is called "mercurial". Is Ibis the Feminine counterpart to Baboon as masculine? What about the hermaphoditic Thoth? Is it Shiva? And Shiva bears which relationship to Hanuman?

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    Thoth has a consort:


    Wisdom's Shakti is Truth.

    Ma'at is like the Way, and effectively acts as the great balance, the force of karma, and dharma. Ma'at is that to which Thoth is properly applied. This is what upholds the system. Society. Apparently Ma'at is represented by two identical statues, one at either end of the hall of gods. Ma'at is the only double-represented diety.

    In my experience Maat is supportive of social justice, and puts a tempering strain on raw, un-legislated power.

    Ma'at is the Mater, the Matter.

    So we have a model: Thought ranging across Matter. The proto-conception of Science.

    As Above, So Below. Thought Mirrors the Senses, Idea mirrors the World.



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    The lines of Justice, dynamic balance, are not straight lines. She draws a highly articulated trajectory. That trajectory is the signature of Truth. The signature of Truth is Knowledge. Knowledge is fractal.


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