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    I dabbled a bit in this before and I found it interesting that the following pattern always emerge...

    If you take any number, lets say 418 and then add up all its combinations like:


    Total = 2886 = 2+8+8+6 = 6

    Now you do the same with 417 = 9, 416 = 3, 415 = 6, 414 = 9 etc...

    The pattern is always 3, 6, 9... magic numbers.

    Nothing new, but interesting!

    Don’t let the delusion of reality confuse you regarding the reality of the illusion.

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    Most curious. At what point does this pattern begin? As soon as the 10 basic digits are exhausted?

    Well, it looks like the crunched sums of single digits go up in increments of one, in two digit, they go up in increments of two, and in three, they would go up in increments of 3. Howevever we see that "101" and "102" are a counterexample to this pattern. I wonder why?


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    Interesting, sometimes I find myself with a calculator in my hand and find simliar patterns, except I always find myself multipying 9 times other numbers and resolving the sum back to nine.

    For example: 9x9x6x7=3402 -> 3+4+0+2=9
    9x4x5x3x9x5=24300 ->2+4+3+0+0=9
    6x9x21x15x3=51030 ->5+1+0+3+0=9
    and on and on , but it does stop at one point then begin again

    The magical number 9

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    All multiples of nine resolve back to nine.

    It is the principle whereby you predict what
    a person is going to say.

    Try this on someone:
    • tell them to pick a number
    • now multiply the number by nine
    • if the resulting number has more than one digit
      keep adding the digits together until it resolves
      to one digit (which you know will be nine)
    • get them to subtract 5 from their total
      (they now have four)
    • tell them to associate the number with a letter
      from the alphabet (a=1,b=2.....) they now have
    • tell them to choose a country (in english) starting
      with their letter. It is usually Denmark
    • tell them to choose an animal starting with the
      second letter of the country name. (this is
      usually an elephant.
    • ask then to think of what colour they associate with
      this animal (this is usually grey)
    • ask them if they are thinking of a grey elephant
      from the surprise on their face
      when you get it right

    When they have got to the country you could ask them to choose
    the last letter, "k", and think of an animal. This is usually a
    kangaroo or a koala, now ask them to think of a fruit begining with
    the last letter of the animal then tell them it is either an apple or an orange.


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    The internet always references Tesla and his quote on 3, 6, 9 (if he really said it, many attributions popular on the internet are spurious):

    “If you only knew the magnificence of the three, the six and the nine… then you would have a key to the universe.”
    But it's also mentioned in Aesch Mezareph (the author is talking about the columns of his squares):

    'And all the columns and lines, as well from the bottom to the top, as from the right to the left, and from one angle to another, give the same sum and thou mayest vary the same ad infinitum. And the various totals always observe this principle, that their lesser number is always 3, 9, or 6 ; and again, 3, 9 or 6 and so on. Concerning which I could reveal many things to thee.'
    I found this out, when dealing with the factors of 360 - whole number divisions of the circle. The digital root of the angles when dividing by 3, 6, 12, 15, 24, 30, and 60 always come out to 3, 6 or 9. The basic pattern is 3, then bisected for 6, then bisected for 12, and then 24. But also 15, 3x5, and those bisected for 30 and again for 60.

    It doesn't work out for 9 or 18. 9 Does it's own thing, with 9-18-36 eventually running a pattern of 1 to 9. 45 runs the pattern 9-to-1 instead.

    And factors of 4 and 5 that don't figure in elsewhere gives 9s.

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